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The Dynamic Insight Fitness website is not intended as a substitute for the advice and/or medical care of the visitor’s physician or medical practitioner nor is it meant to discourage or dissuade the visitor from the advice of his or her physician or medical practitioner.

Visitors of the Dynamic Insight Fitness website should regularly consult a physician or Doctor in matters regarding to their health and exercise. Any exercise or lifestyle regime should be partaken under the direct supervision of the visitor’s physician.

If the visitor has any questions regarding any information presented on the Dynamic Insight Fitness website with relation to it’s application or suitability to the individual, they should seek the advice of a physician prior to commencement.

Dynamic Insight Fitness holds no responsibility for the choice of equipment chosen for purchase or rent by the Visitor to the website.

All prices and products were correct at the time of production. Dynamic Insight Fitness reserves the right to change the price of a product without notice. In the event that a substantial clerical error has been made in pricing, the prices as indicated in our showroom takes precedent, and the website price is nullified.

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